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NEWS 2021

DJH will be launching its latest project expected to be on sale in  Autumn 2021 .

Following the recent success of the DJH NER ‘D’ and LNER/BR A8 4-6-2t project in 2019/20 , the new project is a perfect stable mate and will appeal to our loyal customer base of both kit builders and RTR model collectors.

The NER ‘R’ Class / LNER D20 Class 4-4-0 kit will be following a similar design format to the ‘D’ & ‘A8’ , which followed a return by the DJH Tooling Team to the original and popular DJH format of 50/50 etched and cast components. The ‘R’ & ‘D20’ will be offered in both kit and factory built Ready to Run options  we are inviting interested customers to place pre-orders and enquiries with us now. Please email:

The kit will cover both the original NER ‘R’ class and the later LNER/BR D20 with all major variants including optional buffer beams x 3 /optional smokeboxes x 4/ optional smokebox door x 2/optional safety valves x 3/ optional domes x 2 / optional chimneys x 2/optional mainframes x 2/optional tender coal rails , allowing all major class variants throughout its working life to be modelled.  


K349: NER ‘R’ /NE/LNER/BR D20 4-4-0 Kit – Available Autumn 2021 - £595.00 inc vat.


RTR : In additional DJH ‘No.1 shop’ factory built models will be available in Winter 2021 – Pre=orders are invited now – no deposit required at this stage.


K349A: NER ‘R’ Class 4-4-0 NER Lined £3350.00Release Winter 2021                      

K349B: LNER D20 4-4-0 LNER Green Lined £3350.00 -Release Winter 2021.

K349C: LNER D20 4-4-0 Black lined Red £3350.00Release Winter 2021.

K349D: NE/LNER/BR D20 4-4-0 Standard unlined black 3110.00Release Winter 2021.



NER R Class No476 NER Green Lined livery

Photos courtesy of Mr D Dunn


D20 No62360 BR Unlined black livery

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