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E170 - USA/TC S160 / SNCF 140 U / NS 4300 1D / OBB 956.1 / Fs Gr 736 2-8-0

During WWII the US Army transportation corps ordered a standard gauge engine for war needs. The S160 was suitable for worldwide service and especially for Europe. In total 2120 engines were built between 1942 and 1945. Most of them were sent to the UK and then dispatched to the continent after the 1944 invasion. Large batches were also sent to North Africa and Italy and a few to India and USSR. When the war ended, the S160 became redundant and the USA TC started to dispose of them in 1946/1947.  Many are preserved in a few different countries today

Kit features: One Piece Cast Boiler/Smokebox/Firebox, cast Cab Roof, Backhead, Steam Dome, Chimney, Cylinders and various other parts.  Brass and Nickel Silver Etched parts include; Cab sides/front, Tender sides/end, pre-assembled Valvegear, Chassis frames and other smaller parts.  There is also alot of small fine cast brass fittings. Kit comes with alternative parts to build either the Coal or Oil fired versions. Also comes with Motor/Gearbox and Wheels. Only requires transfers, solder and paint to complete.

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