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K338 - LNER/BR Plates Pack (G5)

LNER/BR Builders & Shed Plate Fret for LNER/BR G5 Class 0-4-4t (K338)

Fret includes;

LNER Builders Plates;

1837, 1883, 2082, 7242, 7282 7287 & 7304.

BR Builders Plates;

67253, 67259, 67261, 67273, 67281, 67287, 67288, 67302, 67305, 67310 & 67341.

Shed Plates;

31A (Cambridge),  50B (Neville Hill),  50C (Selby),  50D (Starbeck),

50F (Malton),  50G (Whitby),  51A (Darlington),  51C (West Hartlepool),

51D (Middlesbrough),  51E (Stockton),  51F (West Auckland),

51J (Northallerton),  52A (Gateshead),  52B (Heaton),  52C (Blaydon),

52D (Tweedmouth),  52F (North Blyth),  52H (Tyne Dock),

53A (Hull Dairycoates),  53B (Hull Botnic Gardens),  53D (Bridlington),

54A (Sunderland),  54B (Tyne Dock),  61A (Kittybrewster). 

 Note; Fret doesn't come with plates painted black as shown in image.



51C (West Hartlepool), 50B (Neville Hill), 51J (Northallerton), 52D (Tweedmouth), 53A (Hull Dairycoates), 61A (Kittybrewster)’ 51D (Middlesbrough), 50D (Goole)

Made to order.

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