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K324C - BR Std Class 9F 2-10-0 BR1F tender

The 9F was the last and unquestionably one of the greatest steam locomotive designs ever produced in this country. Though many of these big 2-10-0s saw only a few years’ service their tremendous power, reliability and versatility made them a favourite with the operating departments of all BR regions. There is a choice of three different tender types – these were originally a response to regional preferences although with later transfers around the country the distinctions became blurred. This kit has the high-capacity BR1F tender, the largest of all the BR Standard types. This was carried by Nos 92010-14/30-44/67-76/87-96/140-9/68-202, all of which were Eastern Region engines although Nos 92010-14/30/1/2/3/43/67-76/87-96 were later transferred to the LMR. No 92001 of the LMR later acquired a BR1F tender in a swap. Nos 92183-202 of this batch carried double chimneys.

The body is largely in whitemetal, with fold-up etched cab, and a mass of steam fittings executed for the most part in lost-wax brass for easy soldering. The etched smoke deflectors feature all the panel work and inner bracing of the original and the cab interior is complete down to the last detail. The kit also includes alternative chimneys and other detail variations to enable most members of the class to be modelled. This kit no longer contains a motor/gearbox but this can be bought separately. We recommend Slaters GB30R-3M (30:1) Motor/Gearbox Unit - designed to fit semi-invisibly into a locomotive with such a distinctively high-pitched boiler and running plate.


For detail images of the Loco body and chassis go to


We recommend Slaters GB30R-3M Motor/Gearbox.

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Completed Models

BR Std. Class 9f 2-10-0 with BR1F tender - un-painted

BR Std. Class 9f 2-10-0 with BR1F tender - un-painted

BR Std. Class 9f 2-10-0 with BR1F tender - un-painted

BR Std. Class 9f 2-10-0 with BR1F tender - un-painted