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K348 - LNER CLASS A8 4-6-2t Diagram 63B/63C Boiler

This kit of the A8 has a different boiler casting for the later Diagram 63B / 63C boiler types. These started to be fitted between 1936 and their withdrawal in 1960. All forty five of the A8, eventually carried one of these boilers.

Kit features a 50/50 etched and whitemetal construction of the more traditional DJH design.
With One-piece boiler/firebox. Detailed lost-wax brass castings and etched chassis frames and
Nickel silver valve gear. Requires Slaters wheels, pick-ups, couplings and Motor/gearbox to


Also available factory built ready to run

K348RTR LNER/BR A8 4-6-2t Black lined Red RSP £2025.00 inc vat @20% ( Export £1687.50 outside EU+ Freight extra at cost).

K348RTR LNER/BR A8 4-6-2t Unlined Black RSP £1825.00 inc vat @20% ( Export outside EU £1520.83 + Freight extra at cost)

K348RTR A8 BR Mixed Traffic Lined RSP£1995.00 inc vat@20% ( Export £1662.50outside EU + Freight extra at cost).

DCC & Sound available at supplementary cost .


We recommend Slaters GB30R-3M Motor/Gearbox £119.54

Slaters Wheelset & Couplings £158.33

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