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BR 37/4 Conversion Kit (For Heljan Diesel)

A fine scale conversion kit from DJH to convert the HELJAN BR 37 to a 37/4 (excludes the Wipac version).

Kit includes :

Nickel silver etched…

Bogie steps/Nose side grills / nose side grill gutters/ fire extinguisher panels/ Head Code blanking plates /rectangular buffer pads/fuel gauge blanking plates/chequer plate kick plates/steam boiler blanking plates/steam boiler exhaust blanking plate/axle box front covers/ window rubbers/front beadings/front rivet panels/Hand brake brackets/small blanking panels.

Detailed white metal castings….

Buffer beams/ Buffer bodies/ Headlights/Marker lights/Fuel tank fillers/ETH parts/Cab roof vents/Skirt pocket fillets.

Detailed Lost-wax Brass castings….

Vac Pipes/ Air Pipes/ Blue Star MU connectors /Air Horns/Oval Buffer heads & shanks/Lifting lug castings/1.2mm hose couplers x 4 / 1.5mm hose couplers x 6 / Taps x 10/ Lamp irons x 8.

Other Components…

0.4mm wire x 150mm/ 0.5mm wire x 300mm/ Silicone tubing 1.2mm x 270mm / Silicon tubing 1.5mm x 100mm/ Chain x 125mm/ Nuts /Screws/Springs/Split pins to complete.

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Completed Models

BR 37/4 DetailKit

BR 37/4 DetailKit