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HO Gauge Kit Suggestions : NSWGR Z26, NSWGR Z18

Member Customer


I know it’s been a number of years since you’ve produced Australian locomotives. However I’d like to suggest 2 smaller New South Wales Government Railway locomotives that aren’t as complex or big as the wonderful AD60’s and other tender locomotives you’ve previously produced.


the NSWGR Z26 is a unique saddle tank locomotive that saw extensive service in NSW and one such example lasted in service into 1980. This locomotive has only been produced once in  model form and is rare to even find second hand. Some such unpainted examples fetch in excess of $1800 AUD.


the NSWGR Z18 is similar to many British 0-6-0 tank engines and would also be a very popular item in the Australian market. 

Both suggestions I have made are to capture the market of those in Australia that are space constrained and looking for loco’s to use on plank or shunting layouts.




Topic starter Posted : 22 March 2024 07:31