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OO Gauge Kit Sugges...
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OO Gauge Kit Suggestions : LNER Class A2 (Raven), D21, B13 and C6


I am suggesting these Locomotives as you have Several NER based designs already in production and have infact done the A2 beforehand.
These engines would fill some of the many gaps in the market for Latter day NER motive power as Each of them is a significant (if not always Successful) Step in the NER locomotive Roster, The B13 being their first Passenger 4-6-0, The C6 being their first Atlantic, The D21 being an unhappy attempt at improving the D20 along the lines of The C6 and the A2 being their Attempt to compete with the Doncaster Pacifics we are all familiar with. Producing these engines would also allow you to re-use some tools and moulds from other kits Such as parts from te C7, D20 and other NER engines. 

Topic starter Posted : 20 September 2022 20:40
Member Admin

Good morning, 

Thank you for your suggestions - I will pass these over to our Research and Development team to consider in the future. 

Would you prefer these kits in O or OO scale?



DJH Model Loco

Posted : 23 September 2022 08:42

OO scale please!

Topic starter Posted : 30 September 2022 14:25